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wet. 2/100ths in lutherville. let's get to the roads. all right. we have an accident investigation going on. right now the westbound lanes remain blocked at this time. this is 95 north of 195 looking north. most of our traffic is running southbound. all of your lanes are open. jfx at northern parkway, you can see the road spray. very light traffic as you head downtown, same deal at cold spring. as you can see, the roads are wet. an update on a story we brought you as breaking news last night. a man was shot by cops after he tried to attack police with a
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knife. >> reporter: we're trying to get an update on the man's condition. the cops got a call about 9:20 last night for a suicidal person. when officers arrived, they found a man threatening to kill himself with a nie. -- with a nie. he was holding two knives, one with a nine inch blade and the other a razor type. police shot the man. he was taken to by view medical -- bayview medical center. linda so, reporting. two men gund down in front of -- gunned down in front of a church. sherrie johnson picks up the story. what is the pastor going to say?
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>> reporter: this morning detectives are trying to figure out who would shoot and kill two then front of a northwest baltimore church. the pastor plans to address the city council about the violence. the shooting happened two hours before church service at sweet hope free will baptist church on dolfield avenue. the men were working in the 3900 block of dolfield avenue. one man was shot in the back and the other in the face. this has the community more than concerned. it was crazy. if was chaotic. >> reporter: police are asking for the public's help. if you have help, call.
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police are expected to release the names later today. jury selection is expected in the trial of estate senator ulysses currie who is charged with his influence in a store. a judge said he will hold a hearing to establish the scope of that doctor's testimony. an atv crash killed two people and injured three others. when police arrived, they found the atv flipped over. two teenagers are in trouble accused in a hit and run that led to a carjacking.
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19-year-old gregory lassiter was driving near anne arundel mills when he let a car. lastster and his passenger jumped into a nearby car and forced that woman to take them to a voons -- convenience store. they were arrested. many lost power during hurricane irene. bge wants your opinions. the total cost for the work was about $81 million. shareholders are paying the bill but are expect rates to go up to cover the cost. the meeting starts at 7:00. there will be another meeting scheduled for later next month.
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the ravens returned to the road, this time in st. louis. ray rice threw 80 yards and eight carries. the ravens started fast, only got fast are as the game went on. now home sweet home. baltimore returns to hope the jets. kickoff is set for 38:-- 8:20. a 20-20 tie with four seconds left and then the field goal clinching the win. puring puring goes to -- pittsburgh goes to houston for
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the texans. just ahead on this plan day morning, we're going to check in with megan pringle. also, a medical breakthrough in the fight against cancer. we'll tell you about a technique that's got many doctors excited.
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come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. we had a band of rain earlier on, a few leftover showers and a few pushing into harford county. definitely some spray. 68 down towards easton and ocean city. not much of a spread. drizzle of road spray, temperatures within a few notches of 70s. we'll get to 75 by lunchtime.
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a few breaks of sun expected to develop. maybe low 80s. definitely a muggy feel to the air and a late summer feel to the air. a lot of times there's a blurred boundary but the autumn always comes slamming at us. it's in our extended forecast. let's talk traffic with tonya. all lanes have reopened at marriottsville road. taking a look at our live traffic cameras, on frederick road no problems to report. most of the problems are on the outer road. jfx, light traffic. a few cars heading downtown but no incidents in your way as they make your way towards north avenue. all of your lanes are open. doctors are hailing a
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medical breakthrough in the fight against cancer. it's helping them find cancer cells. they said the glow in the dark technique targets cancer cells 30 times smaller. the study found children eight to 10 years old were most affected by the whooping cough outbreak. the american pediatrics academy is changing requirements. it's also recommended in children 11 and over. a big weekend event that helped the people of sinai hospital. this was to benefit the children at sinai hospital.
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it raised $100,000. >> our family. we ended up here. our daughter was diagnosed by leukemia. every day he takes care of the kids and they take care of the family. >> the new center will be named in her daughter's honor. who knew niagara falls was a subway stop in new york city. also ahead, hex in -- history in saudi arabia. why women can finally vote but they're still not allowed to
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we love showing you great video. sheets of rain and water falling. someone grabbed the umbrella. this is a wart spout that developed over lake michigan. the water spouts are typically this time of the year. in lake michigan it's warmer than the air temperature. you saw the time lapse video. these are basically tornadoes, right? >> well, a water spout over the water tends to be a lot weaker than the structure of the tornado. it really is a funnel.
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you can see two funnels. that's marquette university in milwaukee as opposed to michigan. that difference in temperature can help create some of that with the lift that knish eated that. that was right about there. as you cross over lake michigan and this cooler air, temperatures in the 50s. you'll notice 32 international falls. there's cold air wrapping around just before the surface. that cloud level is chilly stuff as we are on the warmer side. there's this spin. there's this circulation. tornadoes and water spouts are different features. 10 days ago that was a water
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spout. this one, this is the circulation we were talking about last week. the well weather match looks so eeriely similar. the tropical feed wrapping around that midwest low. we are expecting to have that finally move in our direction. as it stays in the environment, small threat today, a better threat tomorrow. we start to get the influence of that low. i really think we start lighting up our radar and then beyond that we get into the chilly air. 79 today. that's our high. then upper 70s to near 80 and increase our threat of rain especially on wednesday. then we pull back as we dry out into the 60s.
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just say ahhh. >> bus and rail services are reported on time. good news continues. 70 westbound is reportedly open at mar ri yotsville road after an overnight investigation. let's take a live look at the beltway near 795. very light traffic building. that is the outer loop moving away from the camera. we are also doing fine on 70. this is the southbound traffic coming out of the tunnel. all of your lanes are open. the prosecution wrapped up in the argument in the case of amanda knox. now her entire life is on theline. the american found guilty of killing her roommate, a decision on knox' appeal is expected by
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early october. saudi women will now get the right to vote. they also are not allowed to drive. the one drawback, the challenge won't go into effect until the next election. asia, apple's largest store is open. the first customers waited in line for 10 hours to enter the four story building. they want to hope 20 more stores come spring. coming up, why the threat of the e coli outbreak may have more patience. one woman admits an unusual way to look for a job. she's hoping her resume will lnld her the right lsh -- land
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her the right jofnlt -- job.
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we continue to check in with megan pringle, who's working from home, doctor's orders. how are you feeling? dead you have a -- did you have a good weekend? >> i did. how was yours? >> it went well. you have a program involving moms. >> it's amazing our great our healthcare is as far as prenatal care for moms and not everyone is that lucky. every expectant mom pretty much wants the same thing -- a safe delivery, delivering a child that will thrive in the world. that's not the case for many moms, especially in
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underdeveloped worlds. that becomes a challenge. abc news has part nerd up to start million moms challenge. there's a website to learn more but the campaign is already getting american moms involved. a lot of places like somali and kenya where infant mortality is a huge crisis. they're not only dealing with the famine but measles outbreak. what they're doing is asking people to go on the website. they basically want you to friend them, like them. you can also get on the website
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without pledging anything and watch some of the stories because it is a huge eye opener. abc news will be sending reporters over to developing countries and let you know what's going on, so you can get an idea of what women are dealing with. it's devastating and at the same time inspiring. so if you're interested. the website is million moms challenge,.com. it doesn't cost anything. it's a great eye opener. if you want to get involved, check it out. >> megan, live, via skype. now moving on, 40,000 pounds of beef intended for georgia students have been recalled. the beef was produced in amarillo, texas. the fda said they were not aware the beef was being sold in schools and they had no reports
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of one being sickened by the tainted meat. a north carolina woman hopes balloons will help lift her to a better opportunity. she's taking a more creative approach. she said she has been looking for a job for a year. now she is getting desperate. her resume was assigned a helium filled balloon. >> i have as much chance as one of these balloons reaching someone. >> she said she has already received calls. you wouldn't expect a bake sale to be so controversial, but you could be wrong. we'll explain in just a second. she's back on dry land and
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disappointed. why woman had to stop again her record swim. first, up to new york for a check of this morning's tech bytes. >> in this morning's tech bytes, numerous reports said amazon may launch a computer. the new york times described it as a sued up kindle. others have struggled to compete. there is a new high tech tool in the battle of the bulge. the talking robot will watch what you eat. not only that, this robot is a girl. it retails for 865. if you have trouble getting up in the morning, then wake and shape could be for you. once it goes off, you have to shake the phone vigorously. the app can be downloaded for free.
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those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson.
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